What is the policyholder

August 2023

The policyholder is the person or company that owns the insurance policy. This means that physical or a legal entity has signed an insurance contract and are responsible for paying premiums and others fulfillment of conditions in the case of claimed compensation.

For example, a small business called "City Cafe" buys an insurance policy to protect its own the property and other assets in it such as kitchen appliances, furniture and electronics from possible damage such as fire, theft or natural disasters. In this case, "City Cafe" is the policyholder, as it is the company that has purchased the insurance policy and is responsible for payment of bonuses. Even if the company itself is not a natural person, it can still be an insurance the recipient as a legal entity.

a man in a blue shirt signs a contract with a black pen

The most important thing for the policyholder to know:

Rights of the policyholder

Obligations of the policyholder

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