Car anti-theft security systems

July 2023

Imagine the following scenario - You and your family have planned to go on a two-day vacation to see the countryside of Latvia. Breakfast is eaten, bags are packed and you, as the driver, before leaving, go out of the house first to go to the car I would take the first things for the road. Get out of the tomb and start thinking about where exactly you parked your car yesterday.. Didn't you right by the oak next to the homestead? He marches along the front of the house twice, goes around the corner to be safe, but your car is nowhere to be found are not. The excitement is already such that the temples are pulsating and you have no choice but to accept the thought that your car is stolen.

Why would anyone steal this car, it's not that expensive or exclusive at all. Heck, there was still a work computer on the front seat and there were already assembled camping accessories in the roof box.

This bad situation will require you to:

  1. A lot of time (because you will have to arrange various documents related to car theft)
  2. Inconvenience (you will be on foot for a while)
  3. Financial obligations (if the car is not CASCO, then the financial loss will be even greater)
  4. Moral experiences (what if it happens again?)

How to avoid such unpleasant cases or reduce the possibility of car theft?

black bmw m4 car driving on the highway

Every year, insurers collect and share with car theft statistics, publishing them in various media and informing people about what are currently the TOP most stolen cars among the garnages. Last year, as well as before, BMW was at the top of the list of the most frequently stolen cars, but this time Audi also shared the first place with BMW.

Next in this article, we will look at some of the most popular car anti-theft security systems.

Although security systems cannot completely deter thieves from illegally obtaining your car, they certainly can bother and attract the attention of others who can help stop this crime.

Light and sound signaling

If the car is equipped with a light and sound alarm, this will be a good helper in attracting attention. Usually the car from factories are already equipped with this security system, but when you buy a used car, there may not be a working alarm system. Perhaps the previous owner was annoyed by the sound and got rid of the alarm. How to check it?

  1. The easiest way to check it is to lock the car with the remote control and then try to start the car. Sometimes it's just enough with small movements and the alarm works.
  2. You can still leave the driver's side window open and then lock the car with the remote control. Trying to put a hand in through the open window and when making movements, the alarm should go off.
  3. The third option is to lock the car with the remote control, but do not use the remote control to open the car. Insert the key into the key slot in the lock and turn it open. When the door is opened, the alarm should go off, because the car is only open the alarm was not mechanically removed.

Many residents no longer pay much attention to car alarms, especially in larger cities, because they can to hear so often and often they sound not because someone is trying to drive the car away, but because there have been some noises or other harmless conditions that triggered the alarm.

the interior of a classic car showing the steering wheel lock

Car steering lock

Although an old and primitive safety device, it performs its function well for a while. Perhaps seeing this through window, some old man will not want to make an effort and will move on to the next car that does not have such a safety device. Using the mechanical steering wheel lock is very simple - it is placed on the steering wheel and locked with a mechanical key. It is possible to move the steering wheel minimally until the lock stops. Such additional security costs are on average from 40-120 euro.

Secret Switch or Secret Combination

Before starting the vehicle, you must press a secret switch or enter a certain numeric code combination on the remote control or a certain sequence of actuation of various buttons and levers must be performed. It is recommended to use such a security system for vehicles whose production year is not younger than 2005. A car with more complex electronics, a hybrid car or those that are equipped with Keyless-Go function or Start/Stop button, this security system cannot be installed.

What happens if you don't press the correct combination? The car will not start,or if it is activated, it will be after a while will fall asleep Costs on average within 100-200 euros.

Immobilizer (contact or non-contact)

There is a wide choice in this category of security systems, immobilizers from many manufacturers are available.

How do they work? The basic principle of the immobilizer is to block the car's engine and gearbox. One immobilizer breaks the electric circuit of the car and are placed in the middle of it, others work without interrupting anything and thus it is easy for thieves to find it much more difficult, they would be safer, because they do not reveal their location in your car.

Contact or non-contact - what does it mean? There are immobilizers that require pressing a specific number to unlock, combination of levers, there are those who only need to have a tail light pendant or a chip with them. If you have to choose, then the safest is contactless.

The most popular immobilizers on the market - Sky Brake, IGLA, Pandect. They can take about four to install for the first time hours and costs are in the range of 200-500 euros.

phone with open car gps tracking device application

Tracking Devices

Insurers recommend equipping it with tracking devices for high-theft-risk machines with high value. At this moment active tracking device Sherlog has gained great popularity in the market. It works on the principle of radar instead GPS/GSM signal like many others This technology gives such a device a unique function - the waves it emits are practically non-existent it is possible to suppress, as it can be done for classical solutions. This means that the possibility of recovering the car is quite high bigger.

Such equipment is active 24/7 and the location of the car is monitored by operators. If an alarm signal is received, then the car the search is started immediately, even using aircraft if necessary. The cost of such equipment depends on the territory of its operation. Prices for the equipment vary from 300 - 1300 euros + subscription costs must also be taken into account. Find out more here.

Marking of car mirrors and lights

There are car models for which car enthusiasts have especially loved rear-view mirrors and lights. Did you know it's possible? protect against the theft of these parts as well? It is possible to mark the mirrors by giving them a unique combination of numbers, which will make them more difficult to realize on the secondary market, so it can be hoped that this will not be of interest to an experienced thief task.

Mirrors are recommended to be marked on all Mercedes (except A and B), BMW, Porsche, Jaguar, Land Rover and Audi A8, Q3, Q5, Q7 for cars.

Owners of Volvo XC70, XC90 should pay the most attention to the marking of lights. You will have already seen it on Youtube videos showing how quickly it is possible to remove headlights from such VOLVOs without much effort. Have got cases have also been seen showing how easy it is to remove the headlights from some VW Golf models as well.

The average cost of marking mirrors starts from 30 euros. If your car has CASCO insurance, then most Insurers cover the costs of marking the mirrors and you will have this service free of charge.

The cost of labeling lamps is around 50 euros. Labeling a pair of lights usually takes no more than an hour.

Would you say that none of these is a miracle cure to keep your car 100% safe? Of course, you are right, but introducing someone of these security systems, you will increase the chance that your car will not be stolen or stolen. If the garnadzi is a beginner, won't he have much time, when he encounters difficulties, he will leave your car and go to the next one. These security systems may delay or even deter him from starting the theft in the first place. The longer you have to spend with your car, because greater risk of attracting the attention of others and being caught.

For a sweeter sleep, You already know what to do: Do not leave valuables in the car in a visible place, so as not to attract the attention of thieves and carefully choose where to leave your car for a longer period of time.

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