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By creating a clearer understanding in this area, we will help ourselves not to make the most common mistakes when buying insurance and protect ourselves from cases where the insurer has the right to refuse payment of compensation.


MTPL is a compulsory motor third party liability insurance. Behind the complex The name lies in a very simple type of insurance, but what should definitely be remembered - MTPL is MANDATORY all modes of transport involved in road transport (cars and lorries, trailers, motorcycles, scooters, quad bikes).

MTPL policy protects your civil liability when a third party's property has been damaged in a traffic accident or health. Simply put, MTPL covers losses that you have caused to others, but does not cover losses that as a result of the accident you or your car have been injured. If you didn't have MTPL, then all third parties would be created you would have to cover the losses out of your own pocket. And it is also required by law, so if you drive without MTPL, then you can happen to receive a penalty starting at € 80 for the first time. It has been observed that when the speed cameras in Latvia detect a car driving without valid mandatory insurance, the car owners are sent an administrative violation protocol with a fine of 300-350 euros.

REMEMBER! MTPL is mandatory for all vehicles in traffic.

Almost all MTPL policies are the same, so we recommend using the MTPL calculator and choosing the cheapest one. However, if you want additional insurance for your car (which also indemnifies your losses), then you have to look for CASCO or the so-called Mini CASCO insurance types (Golden MTPL or MTPL Plus). White, BTA, BAN, Compensa, IF, Gjensidige, ERGO and avoid the most popular mistakes when buying insurance. Compare and get better insurance and a better price!

MTPL discounts:

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Compare MTPL policies from Latvia's largest insurers Balta, BTA, BAN, Compensa, IF, Gjensidige and ERGO.

How to check OCTA deadline

The validity period of the compulsory insurance policy for civil liability of vehicle owners is possible check LTAB OCTA tool by simply entering the car registration number or chassis number.

ltab mandatory vehicle owners insurance check tool

Additional for the policies term, you will also be able to see the name of the insurance company that has issued the policy for the specific vehicle. This is especially useful in cases where it is necessary to complete the agreed statement and the path of the other the party involved in the traffic accident says that he does not know his insurer.


CASCO is a voluntary type of car insurance with which your car is insured against losses incurred As a result of damage to your car. CASCO will pay compensation if your car is created scratches, bumps, cracks in the glazing, if the car itself or its parts will be stolen, if the cabin is stolen, if the car catches fire, there will be a hydraulic shock (entering a large puddle), if the car is completely (irreparably) destroyed, as well as if the damage has been caused by hail or other natural phenomena. CASCO insurance covers bodywork and damage to the glazing caused, for example, in a car service or car wash, parking lot, yard, on the road, ferry or on the tow truck.

CASCO insurance is not mandatory for all vehicles. However, so may be a mandatory requirement if your car is purchased through a bank or leasing company.

Unlike compulsory civil liability insurance (MTPL), CASCO pays compensation for your car (or you itself), even if the accident took place Because of your fault. REMEMBER! CASCO does not include or replace the MTPL policy. If you have CASCO, then MTPL is still required.

Additional CASCO coverage

In addition to the CASCO policy, you can also insure other risks, such as loss of keys, theft of a license plate, collision with animals, theft or damage of accessories, replacement of your car with a rental car, luggage, as well as also driver and passenger accident insurance. So when buying a policy it is worth understanding which of all this You need to, because each additional insured risk is likely to affect the price of the policy.

CASCO usually also provides a service, such as 24-hour roadside assistance, which drivers can use free of charge also when abroad. This service will be available to almost all insurers in Latvia.

CASCO discounts:

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Travel insurance

Travel insurance reimburses you when, for example:

As valuable as covering your expenses is the support of knowledgeable consultants who will be available to you during the trip. all day. What to do if the flight is canceled and the airline refuses to help you? What to do if far in the mountains have you been injured and don't know how to get help? Situations can be different and you have to prepare for each of them almost impossible, so it's good to realize that you're only one call away to get a professional help and guidance.

Most travel insurance can only be purchased before the trip begins, but some insurers allow it purchase the policy also during the trip, if you forgot to do it on time or the policy has expired while you still traveling.

Most credit cards already automatically insure travel if you have paid for airfare and hotel with credit card. However, most of these travel insurance policies that "come with" your travel credit card purchases are highly standardized and provide incomplete support. Therefore, we definitely recommend get acquainted with the coverage offered by your credit card and evaluate whether it will be enough. It even takes note of this Credit card issuers still use insurance companies to give you travel insurance on their own banks do not do this.

Covid-19 insurance while travelling

Most Latvian insurers offer policies to include Covid coverage, which will indemnify you when you have to interrupt your trip in case of Covid 's illness or when Covid in case of illness medical attention or transportation is required. Not all standard policies cover these Covid risks, therefore be sure to make sure you have a policy before purchasing it.

IMPORTANT NOTICE SINCE 2022 From 1 January 2022, all travelers who plan to go skiing, snowboarding or tobogganing in the Italian Alps must have a valid civil liability insurance policy for that period. If the police check reveals that the traveler does not have such insurance, then you can expect a fine of up to 150 EUR as well as your ski pass to be revoked.

Travel insurance discounts:

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Homeowners insurance

Property insurance covers the costs of damage to your home (apartment and its notional parts or private house and its outbuildings, as well as amenities), caused by a third party, natural phenomena or any other unforeseen event which has resulted in Your property or parts of it, such as:

Most policies also insure the owner against civil liability, for example when they are incurred losses to your neighbors. So even almost all Property Insurance policies will include Home Help a service that you can use free of charge at any time of the day. You can use it when needed immediate assistance even in the event of an accident.

Homeowners insurance discounts:

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Personal accidents insurance

Accident insurance is often confused by people with life or health insurance, but this is not correct. because these insurance products are actually very different. So, below, let's take a look at these three types of insurance to understand the difference.

Personal accidents insurance discounts:

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