About us

SaljiniPolices.lv website was created to provide the widest and most comprehensible information about insurance in Latvia, insurance terms and other things related to insurance that would be valuable to understand for every economically active resident of Latvia. That is why we regularly publish at least one article on our blog and we regularly update the information in the insurance product comparison sections.

Our mission

We are committed to providing our readers and website visitors with clear, concise and reliable information about insurance in Latvia, in addition to renewing it regularly. Our goal is to make the complex world of insurance, with them rules, variable bonuses and other important information easily accessible and understandable to everyone.

Insurance plays a crucial role in financial planning and risk management, but it should be more transparent and more accessible, that's why we have created a platform where you can find the most important things in one place, clearly and without complicated language and the most useful information about insurance in Latvia and on some topics also outside the borders of Latvia.

What we do

Our dedication to providing comprehensive insight into the insurance industry is evident in our regular updates and thorough in content creation:

How we obtain information

Authenticity and freshness of information are the main cornerstones of this platform. We carefully collect information from to various publicly available sources in Latvia and abroad, including:

For insurance comparison sections, we obtain detailed information directly from the homepages of Latvian insurers, analyzing their insurance terms, informational documents and insurance offers.