What's Roadside Assistance

August 2021

flat tyre of a car

Most insurers include this insurance coverage in the basic policy, but before buying a CASCO policy make sure this risk is included in the policy. Why? This is a great addition to the policy and a really good helper when there is a problem and you don't know what to do. Even better - you probably won't even have to pay to use it!

What help does this insurance cover? The range of services may vary between insurance companies' policies, such as assistance limits, but generally all offer the same.

In what cases, Roadside Assistance is useful

The Roadside Assistance service is the arrival of a qualified specialist, an expert at the scene (24/7) or a telephone consultation (also 24/7) to find out what has happened to your vehicle and how to fix it so you can contiune driving. A specialist will come to your car and can provide the following assistance:

You have to remember that the insurer will cover only the costs of work performed by a specialist, but will not reimburse the cost of fuel, spare wheel or other spare parts or the cost of further repair work in the car service. Basically, you are provided with the work of a specialist and his tools for free, but you will have to pay for the spare parts yourself. Here we were talking about the Roadside Assistance service, not what the CASCO policy reimburses. Read more about the benefits of CASCO in our article What's insured with CASCO.

The rules of each insurer state the limit to which these expenses will be reimbursed. Limits range from € 300 to € 500 per case.

You will be able to pay part of the immediate payments for these services yourself, but the main thing is to keep the checks, which you have to submit to the insurer, because later they will be the basis for calculating the amount of indemnity.

If this insurance risk is not included in your CASCO policy, it is a good food for thought, because seldom someone else will give such a helping hand!

Tow truck services free of charge

a yellow tow truck

If the specialist does not manage to deal with the problem and needs a more detailed study of the problem, the next step that will help is a tow truck. The tow truck will take the vehicle to the nearest possible repair facility (specified by you, which complies with the terms of the policy) or to the parking lot, where it will be parked until the car shop is available.

The services provided by the tow truck have their own limit, also for each company different: 300-500 EUR, if the transportation is in the territory of Latvia.

It is important to remember that you should not call any tow truck whose number you find online. You must first contact your insurer and then connect your call to the insurer's partner who provides this service.

Taxi or replacement vehicle free of charge

So when the car is handed over to caring hands, where to stay for the car passengers themselves? Roadside assistance also provides transport for the driver and passengers. You will be taken by taxi to the place indicated by you. The limit for this trip is usually in the range of 30-60 km.

If your vehicle can not be repaired in the service within 1 working day, then you are also entitled to a replacement car. You should look for the number of days of replacement car payment in the terms and conditions of each insurer. Mostly up to 3 days and note that not all insurers offer this.

If the insured event has occurred outside the territory of Latvia, and you have to use the services provided by a road specialist, tow truck or taxi services, then a separate limit has been set for insurance companies on average around 500 EUR.

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