How to get compensation for a damaged car

August 2023

All kinds of situations can happen in life, and you, who are a master of road traffic skills, can also have a car damaged. You see your damaged vehicle and think who will pay for it? To answer this question first you should understand:

Only when you have understood who was to blame for the damage to your vehicle, you will be able to draw conclusions as to who demand payment for it. We will help you answer all the above-mentioned questions.

scratched black car side

If a third party is at fault

Example of an accident: You have left the store, approached your car and found that the driver's side door have got seriously injured. Here, the continuation may depend on three different scenarios.

The perpetrator did not leave the scene

Fortunately, the culprit is an honest person, has not left the scene and is waiting for you. He tells awkward circumstances, you both agree, you fill in the agreed statement, the person apologizes to you and You part almost as friends. What to do with it next?

In the agreed statement, the at-fault party will have provided their MTPL policy number and the insurer. You contact the at-fault party's insurer or fill out a compensation application for the at-fault party on the insurer's website. Next, the insurer will inform you how to proceed, to which service to take your car and how compensation will be paid.

The culprit has left the scene

Unfortunately, you are not lucky, the third party has left the scene. Neither you nor those around you have the slightest guess who was to blame for this damage to your car. There are no eyewitnesses, no video recordings - absolutely nothing. You should call the police and tell them what happened. The police will draw up a report. After that, you will contact LTAB (Latvian Transport Insurance office) and submit your application to them.

MTPL Guarantee Fund and LTAB are meant for exactly these cases when vehicles that do not have an MTPL policy, or unidentified vehicles, cause damage to third parties.

If you have a CASCO policy, your insurer will compensate for the losses. The main thing you have to do - the police should be called to register this case of damage. Wait for the arrival of the crew, introduce them to circumstances that you can tell and they will give you a case number. Then contact your insurer, apply for an insurance case by phone, in person or on the insurer's website. State that you are a victim, attach the case number given by the police, photos of the damaged area and after the permission of the insurers, go to one of the repair services. Before that, look at the policy conditions, whether you have a free choice to go to any of the repair places, or only to the cooperation services of the particular insurer.

The culprit does not have an MTPL policy

Although an MTPL insurance policy is mandatory for every motorized vehicle that travels on public roads, there are still a lot of irresponsible car drivers who have high-carbon insurance no.

Also in this case, the culprit has stabbed his head and is waiting for you at the scene. Admits his guilt and tells that MTPL he does not have a policy. You fill in the agreed statement with which you will later apply to the LTAB. Indicating that the culprit did not have an MTPL policy in force. Your compensation will be paid from the Guarantee Fund. The culprit does not lucky, because after payment of the compensation, the amount paid to you will be recovered from the culprit.

If it's your fault

Example of an accident: You drove into the yard of your private house and damaged the rear of the car.

If you have not purchased a CASKO insurance policy, then unfortunately, you will have to pay for this clumsiness from your funds. If you have a CASKO insurance policy, then everything is fine, because the losses will be compensated from it. Apply for an insurance case with your insurer in the most convenient way for you - by phone, on the Internet, by email or in person. Describe the circumstances of the event and add as many photos as possible. The insurer will contact you and instruct you on further actions.

We draw your attention to the fact that not always and not in all cases where you yourself are to blame, the insurer has obligation to compensate. It is essential to follow traffic rules, insurance rules and vehicle operating rules. Examples of cases in which the insurer can refuse CASCO reward:

a large tree branch fell on the car windshield

If the weather is to blame

Example of an accident: Latvia was hit by a strong thunderstorm, which brought hail and broke the back window of your car and destroyed the front windshield.

If you have CASCO insurance - great! Damage caused by huge hailstones or to the car the fallen tree will be compensated by the CASCO policy. Submit the photos to your insurer and go to a service that will calculate the cost of car repair and send it to your insurer.

If you don't have CASCO, then unfortunately, no one else will compensate for the damage, you will have to pay for it from your savings.

road sign no. 125 wild animals

If a forest beast is struck down

Example of an accident: While driving on a country road in the dark, you collided with a forest animal. There is a car thoroughly damaged.

Just like as a result of adverse weather conditions, if you have purchased a CASCO policy for your car, then damage the repair will be compensated by the insurer. Many insurers offer "Collision with an animal" risk, even without deductible. This means that in such an insurance event, you will not have to involve your own at all personal funds. All costs will be covered by your CASCO policy.

If you don't have a CASCO policy, the car will have to be repaired at your own expense and you will not be able to blame anyone for the expenses to another.

REMEMBER! If a forest animal has been injured in a traffic accident, be sure to call and also informs State Forest Service. We also remind you that the downed forest beast from the scene the law prohibits taking it with your own hands.

In a short, concise summary, we would like to say that the best protection for your car is CASCO policy, as well as timely consultation with your insurer, even if you only have MTPL.

If your vehicle is older than 15 years, insurance companies in Latvia offers CASKO policies with much narrower insurance coverage. They may not include the risk of theft, or someone another risk, but still they will compensate the damage to your car. Car CASCO for parents policies are usually cheaper than new.

For even older cars (over 20 years old), insurers may not offer CASCO insurance at all, but it types of voluntary insurance such as Golden MTPL, MTPL+ or Mini CASCO can be useful instead. Also in these the policy can usually include the risk "collision with an animal".

Protect yourself and don't rely on someone else to take better care of you!

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