How to check you MTPL

October 2021

How to check the end date of your MTPL policy

​​You can check whether your MTPL policy is valid, as well as the policy start date and its expiry date in the printout of your policy or in the e-mail sent by your insurer. If for some reason you have not received a printout or e-mail or cannot find it, then at any time you can view the current information about your car's MTPL policy in the LTAB website section Check MTPL.

a screenshot of the ltab system showing how to check your mtpl policy's end date

All you need to know is the car registration number or chassis number. When you enter one or the other, the system will immediately show the status of your MTPL policy:

It is no secret that with the same method you can find out at which insurer's policy was purchased for any other car. It is intended for cases when someone has caused an accident, but does not know, does not remember or does not want to say who his insurer is.

If the end of your insurance term is no later than within the next 30 days, then you can use MTPL calculator, to calculate the price for the new policy for the new term. If the term of your current policy expires later than 30 or 35 days (depending on the policy issuer's rules), you will not be able to calculate the price of a new policy yet.

Everyone already knows that of course, but we will remind you anyway

Timely renewal of the MTPL insurance policy for the new period is your personal responsibility. Insurers tend to remind you when your policy is about to expire, but this is not mandatory for them to do so and there is no guarantee that the reminder will come or not be missed. If you have not renewed your policy and you get penalized for it by the police, you will not be able to blame anyone else for that.

It is also worth remembering that the traffic police do not have to stop you in order to write up a report on driving without compulsory civil liability insurance (MTPL). The penalty for this violation can also be applied without stopping the vehicle, which means that you will not even know when the protocol is already on its way to you.

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