Fine for driving without MTPL 2024

December 2023

Recently introduced average speed control radars record not only the speed of cars, but also whether there is a car purchased a compulsory civil vehicle insurance (MTPL) policy and passed a technical inspection.

Usually stationary and mobile radars do not check the presence of MTPL on the vehicle (as it is done on a daily basis in Latvia by the average speed radars), but campaign-like a few times a year it is done when MTPL is carried out within a few hours and technical inspection control of all vehicles participating in traffic. Everyday radars record the absence of MTPL in cases where the permitted driving speed has been exceeded.

The data shows that not having an MTPL is the most common offence, followed by speeding and then absence of technical inspection.

What is the penalty for driving without an MTPL policy?

Photoradar fines 350 euros for every time a car without MTPL insurance passes by for radar. If the driver is caught by the police for driving without an MTPL policy, the penalty may be less.

Can you be fined several times in one day?

Yes, if a car without MTPL insurance passes the radar, which records the absence of an MTPL policy, then the fine is 350 in the amount of EUR will be applied for each of these trips along the radar.

So, if you pass by the same radar within an hour without the mandatory civil law vehicle insurance policies, then you will receive a penalty for each of these times, without referring to it in any way in the time interval it has happened.

At the Latvian motor insurers office (LTAB) explains that the application of a fine is only one of risks for driving without the mandatory civil vehicle insurance policy.

"If you get involved or cause a traffic accident, it is even more expensive, because the average compensation is approximately 1700-1800 euros for one accident, but there are also accidents in which compensations are in tens and hundreds of thousands of euros. Then the respective victims receive this compensation from the MTPL System Guarantee Fund and thereafter this guarantee fund has a recourse claim against the person who caused this accident by participating in traffic without MTPL insurance." This is what Latvijas Apdoshirinātaju tells the news program of Latvian Television association president Jānis Abāšins.

How not to forget about MTPL and technical inspection deadlines

The Road Safety Directorate (CSDD) explains how everyone can ensure that policies and technical the inspection deadline would not be forgotten.

"The easiest way to check it is to look in the windshield and see what date is indicated on the technical inspection stickers. But e-CSDD there is an opportunity for all vehicle drivers who have a driver's license, mark the reminders option so that a reminder arrives at the email address a week before the deadline, either it's a technical inspection, driver's license or MTPL." CSDD representative Mārtiņš Mālmeisters gives advice.

e-csdd platform user profile screenshot

Once upon a time, car owners and drivers received this information automatically, but not anymore.

"With all the changes in data protection and other regulations, customers are you are invited to log in to your e-CSDD profile and make sure that the mentioned marks for receiving reminders are done because it is a convenient way to control yourself a little and in today's fast pace of life, of course, you can it may happen that one of these things can be forgotten." Continues Mārtiņš Mālmeisters.

E-csdd platform vehicle owner reminder marks

A reminder about the expiration of the mandatory civil vehicle insurance policy is also sent insurers, provided the client has applied for them.

LTAB data show that approximately 25% of drivers have not used the opportunity to apply for a reminder for receiving.

How to check the OCTA deadline

If you have lost or cannot find your OCTA policy printout, the most convenient way to find out your car (or any other vehicle registered in Latvia) mandatory civil law the term, number and issuing authority of the vehicle insurance policy are using Latvian OCTA Test Tool. Introductions the state registration number of the vehicle and the system will show you the OCTA data of the specific vehicle, if insured. You will not see information about CASKO insurance here.

Making e-csdd platform vehicle owner reminder marks


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