Why should you buy CASCO insurance

August 2021

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CASCO is a voluntary type of insurance, ie you can buy it or not at your discretion. Have you ever wondered why your car would need CASCO? "Nobody will steal it!", "I have 15 years of driving experience and nothing has ever happened to me!", "Country roads? "I live in the city, what animals on the road are you talking about!?"

CASCO insurance is a great safety net after a vehicle accident. According to the statistical data provided by insurers, the average indemnity payment ranges from 1000-1300 EUR for small damages. If more serious things happen, expenses can even double and triple. If this is the only car in your family it is important for you to get it back working as soon as possible. Then the immediate costs at the repair facility could surprise you negatively and leave a big gap in the family budget.

Car theft

If, however, your car is coveted among the car thieves, then imagine a scenario where one you day you must get money for a new car out of your pocket when your beloved vehicle gets stolen. The value of the car and the inconvenience you may experience is much higher than the CASCO insurance premium per year. Especially if it is broken down into monthly payments.

Damage to your car by someone in a parking lot

There are definitely aesthetics and true car lovers among us, so let's simulate a situation. One day you are coming out of a supermarket with your favorite snack in hand, you return to your car and see a thorough knock on the door, a scratch that will not go away with a simple car wash. Your heart is broken, pain and anger also appear, because a leaflet with the inscription "I was guilty and here are my contacts" isn't there. Whoever was guilty for this, just fled the scene and you are left there all alone with fresh problem to deal with. Yes, practical ones will say "It's not a big deal, you can still drive!", "You have to use a car, not keep it in the museum just for the looks". Whatever the people say, you are the one who's left with a new cost to cover. Costs at least 400 euros depending on the depth of the scratch, paint, polishing + labor costs.

New and less experienced drivers out there

Age and driving experience are important factors in a driver's life. You have a better understanding of traffic, other road users and their habits, but every day is a new day and more new drivers appear on the road who are not as experienced as you.

Animals on the road

Animals! However it may seem that this applies only to cars driving in deep fields and countryside, forest animals are increasingly entering cities as well. Damage or loss that occurs after a collision with an animal is estimated at around 1500 EUR.

"Spider" on the windshield

One of the most common damages that surprises us unprepared is windshield damage. The car in front picks up a stone from the asphalt and throws it into the glass of your car. At the beginning there is a small dot that is barely visible. You clean the windshield and forget about it. Then, as a result of pits, changes in weather, speed, dust and many other environmental effects it turns from a small dot into a much larger crack in your field of vision. You will not pass the technical inspection with a crack in the windshield, so you will have to fix it anyway. Not to mention the safety and visibility that the crack creates for you.

If your car's windshield is not one of the usual ones, for example, it has heating or a built-in distance detecting camera, then these costs will be relatively high compared to the replacement of ordinary windshield. Even bigger if the car parts are not as accessible as every other average car on the road. Expect some 500 EUR to cover the windshield replacement.

But what if CASCO is too expensive

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The purchase of CASCO can be considered from several sides. Let's first look at how old the vehicle is. If your car already has a rich driving experience, then you can look at the purchase of Mini CASCO, or Golden MTPL, or Mtpl Plus, (some insurers on the market offer this - Balta, Compensa and others) Why? Because Mini CASCO covers only the most popular insurance risks, such as collision with another vehicle or animal and in some cases even theft. If you are not aesthetic and you are not worried about every scratch on your car caused by someone in your absence then Mini CASCO will be just the right type of insurance for your vehicle.

Those Mini Casco and MTPL Plus policies will compensate you in cases such as:

As a result of these two risks the damage to your car will also be compensated if you choose in favor of the less expensive version of the regular CASCO insurance.

If you are already starting to think that your car is too neatand the thieves also would think that and you would like to protect yourself from damage to the vehicles windows as well, then you have to look at the full CASCO policy. However, these policies must be assessed separately by each insurer, because they may vary so much. Read the article What's insured with CASCO.

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