What is VTUA in Latvia

December 2021

National Technical Surveillance Agency

You may have heard or read such an abbreviation when getting your car's MTPL policy, but what does it really mean? The full name of VTUA is State Technical Surveillance Agency , such as, but not limited to, the regulatory body that monitors the state of the art and the general state of the market for all agricultural and agricultural machinery used.

VTUA is under the auspices of the Ministry of Agriculture and takes care of the following issues:

Have you ever seen someone trying to register a tractor? Hmm, that's right, me neither. The most popular and mundane of the services offered by VTUA is the first registration of a tractor or its trailer. Where do tractor drivers get their licence? Yes, the correct answer is in VTUA. This is the place where the driving test and theoretical tests are taken.

VTUA contacts

There are a total of 26 departments of the State Technical Supervision Agency in Latvia. Visitors are accepted in person by appointment sign up by phone or e-mail. If you want to find the contact information of a specific department, you will find the contacts of all structural units VTUA homepage.

all VTUA branches map in Latvia

The single telephone number for inquiries is +371 67027149, or if you prefer written communication, use VTUA's single e-mail [email protected].

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