What is Civil Liability Insurance

January 2022

Have ever you seen scenes on news about disgruntled neighbors complaining that their apartments have been flooded? The most interesting thing is that the following culprits are shown, who wonder that neighbor, more precisely, his insurer is pursuing a regression* claim for damages?

*Regression or regression claim is the right of the insurer to take a claim against the injured party to cover the damage caused by the insurer. insurance coverage.

This is a classic procedure for third party damages and can be recalled by any of us, so today's article will be about Liability Insurance individuals.

football and broken window glass

Liability insurance for individuals covers expenses for damage, loss of health, life and property of a third party, if you are the one to blame. Sounds complicated, but in nature it is quite simple. Let's look at some examples:

IN BRIEF: If you are at fault for damage to another person's health, life and / or property, your civil liability will be covered. insurance policy. The main thing to remember is that it cannot be done intentionally, intentionally or with malicious intent, then the policy will not compensate you for anything. If you have such a policy, then it is valid For your family (spouse, minor children living with you).

All liability insurance is based on a complaint from a third party. So, in order for your insurer to cover losses, you must have an application from a third party for damages.

Policy prices can vary, depending on the insurance limit you choose. Namely, what will be the maximum amount that the insurer will indemnify in the event of an insured event accession.

RECOMMENDATION: If you have children, pets, or are an active supporter of living in an apartment building where you have a responsibility to your neighbors and those around you, be sure to consider purchase of such a policy. You never know how valuable the decoration or movable property of a neighbor's apartment is, and if you cause damage, it can result in severe damage.