How to pick the best travel insurance

July 2023

If you are a traveler with good experience, then you definitely have an interesting story in your pocket, where the insurance policy would be very useful. Since you had the policy, you could sigh: "It's good that it is!"

In what situation did the insurance policy help you? Did you miss your flight because you didn't hear the alarm? Maybe you damaged the rental car? Or maybe your suitcase didn't arrive destination? These are just some of the classic insurance cases that can happen while traveling. There is good news - from here costs caused by hiccups can be avoided by purchasing the best travel insurance policy that fits just for your adventure.

Next, let's look at the 4 most important risks that should be included in every travel policy

Medical expense insurance risks

If something unexpected happens to your health during the trip - accidents case, a sudden exacerbation of a chronic disease, an acute toothache, a broken bone or something else, then this section will be which will cover your expenses in medical institutions. (Covid-19 is already included in the standard for most insurers, but not in basic coverings. By purchasing the simplest of the insurance programs, inquire about Covid19 in addition).

Flight and baggage insurance risks

If you travel with an airline, be sure to choose insurance coverage, where the risks of flight delays and cancellations are compensated. If you hand over checked baggage, you will also be bound risks of baggage delay, loss and damage.

a man sleeps on a chair at the airport using his travel bag as a pillow

The most popular topic lately - the airline refuses a seat on the plane because there is simply no room, the tickets have been sold more than there are passengers. Statistics show that, on average, up to 7% of passengers who have purchased a ticket do not come to the flight to the specific flight.

That is why airlines practice this "more sales" method. Air passenger rights provides that the airline operating the flight has obligation to compensate such losses. The amount of compensation depends on the distance of the flight destination, the amount to be compensated is from 250 to 600 EUR. Every passenger denied boarding should be provided with free meals and refreshments (or at least a voucher of some fixed amount). If another flight is not immediately offered, then the airline must also deal with the issue of accommodation, transport from and to the accommodation, as well as two phone calls over specific ones borders of the country.

Although the expenses should be covered by the airline, there have been stories recently where none of this has happened offered. Can such a risk be insured? YES!

This risk is included in BTA, Compensa, If and Swedbank travel insurance policies!

Rental car insurance

If you plan to use a rental car during your trip, we strongly recommend that you buy one "rental car" insurance rickshaw. It is not easy to navigate in a new environment, just imagine the narrow streets of Italy the still relaxed southerners will move with you. It's hot outside, the locals are moving on from the siesta, with such carelessness under the conditions, anything can happen even to the most experienced rider.

All car rental service providers offer insurance. They are usually of two types:

It will be more profitable to insure the car rental deductible with your travel insurance policy. If the rental car deductible at damages will be 1000 EUR, then insure this 1000 EUR with your travel policy.

You can buy rental car excess insurance at - Balta, Compensa, If. First contact the insurer, find out the costs and conditions.

two skateboarders ride on the road and one of them falls

Additional coverage for sports activities

Regardless of what kind of sport you plan to practice, you should inform about it travel policy issuer. Sports are divided into several categories:

Engagement in specific sports activities must be specified separately in the insurance policy, because if an accident occurs while engaging in a more active activity, and if you have not included it in the policy, the insurer may refuse to pay the expenses. Remember to indicate how many days with this sport will be busy during the trip, as this will also affect the cost of the travel policy. If you are involved in sports, that is also special equipment, then inquire whether this equipment will be insured. In the most extensive travel insurance programs, sports luggage is already insured as standard.

The most important thing has been said, all you have to do is pack your suitcase and go. Now that you are familiar with yourself for the most important risks included in the travel policy, you can compare travel policies and find the most suitable for you insurance.

You too share your travel story, remembering it with a smile on your face, because you took care of it to pay for the trip nor do huge unexpected expenses add up. Have a safe journey!

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