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July 2023

How much do you think travel insurance costs? Or going on a simple leisure trip, where you will lazily sunbathe at swimming pool, the price of the policy will be identical to that of going down the Alps with a board or skis? Is there the difference in the policy price if the duration of the sports activity is shorter than the overall trip itself? Why add to the policy at all sports insurance coverage? If you do not have the answers to these questions, find them by reading this article about for travel insurance policy costs.

First of all, it is worth mentioning the fact that the price of the policy varies with every minor change in the policy conditions and in cover. Each insurer has a slightly different set of insured risks and premium assessment policy. The main the factor is the chosen policy program - the standard programs will be cheaper because they are narrower and the policy will compensate less risks. Extended policies cover more risks and are therefore also more expensive.

The longer your trip and the longer the insurance period, the more expensive your travel insurance policy will be. Whatever much You would pay for your standard travel policy, keep in mind that most likely none of them cover more extreme sports injuries sustained during activities. It is not possible for the insurer to determine what kind of sport you are doing during your trip exercise, unless you have informed your insurer beforehand, therefore sports activities cover in all policies we have to buy extra. This also applies to you if you plan to use the travel insurance which is already has come in a set with your bank credit card. Contact your bank specialist and find out if it is really covered by the insurance will reimburse the costs if you have an accident while playing sports.

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Sports activities travel insurance

If you plan to engage in any sporting activity during your trip, be sure to inform your insurer about it, because sports falls into several risk categories. But you will agree that playing beach volleyball is not as dangerous as diving or kiteboarding. You will have understood correctly, the more dangerous the sport, the higher the premium for your chosen one basic programs will be larger.

Perhaps for some insurers the difference in premiums between sports will be insignificant, for some there will be a difference much larger, but definitely worth checking out. Below is a list of sports divided by risk categories (most insurers divide them exactly as follows):

Some policies may not charge extra for low-risk sports activities. On average, the policy premium increases by 30 EUR, but it also depends on the duration of sports. If you go on a trip for 10 days, but only 5 days plan to do sports, then be sure to indicate this when buying the policy, because the policy premium will be lower than if you do sports all 10 days. If you do not confirm this fact, the insurer will calculate the premium for all 10 days spent on the trip days, but it should be mentioned that insurers usually ask all the necessary questions about your trip in order to be able to prepare the most appropriate policy for the specific trip.

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Why inform the insurer at all that you will be playing sports during the trip?

One and only reason - if you get an injury while playing sports, and you want to receive medical care, they may not cover it when you bill your insurer later. The insurer must evaluate risk, how dangerous the sport is and whether they even want to insure it. If you keep silent about the planned occupation, if you have not provided the insurer with full information about your planned trip, then in the event of an accident you will have to pay for it yourself all binding expenses.

Would you say that there are injuries that can be sustained both while playing sports and simply moving down the street? Of course, but it is impossible to predict. When playing sports, the risk of getting a serious injury is much higher than going to see the most notable sights of the city.

Frankly speaking, it is not worth buying the most expensive policy program and not telling the insurer that you will deal with sports. You will save 30 EUR, but for this amount you will have exchanged the risk that you may have to cover unexpected travel expenses yourself expenses.

Examples of travel insurance policy costs

  1. A trip to Europe, 10 days, you have purchased the Gold program with sports. You will play golf with your friends for 5 days. Policies costs +/- 35 EUR. Because golf is classified as a low-risk sport. (Without sports coverage, the cost of the policy is approx 18 EUR)
  2. Same trip around Europe, 10 days, Gold program, but this time you will play rugby for 5 days. The cost of the policy +/- 50 EUR.
  3. Europe, 10 days, Gold program, 5 days to practice paragliding. Policy costs +/- 70 EUR. Because this activity is considered a high-risk sports activity.
  4. If the trip is outside of Europe, you should expect that the cost of the policy could be another +20 EUR. If you plan to do more than 5 sports days from the trip, then the price of the policy will also increase.

    Amateur sport or competition?

    It is important to inform the insurer about this fact as well, because if you are a professional in one of the sports and during the trip plans to participate in a competition, the insurance coverage will not cover the costs that will have to be covered in the event of an injury. If you have informed the insurer about this, the policy will definitely make an additional note about your sport and competition what is expected.

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    It's not that complicated, is it? For a further, longer and more sports-filled trip, the cost of insurance policies will be higher. The higher the risk of the sport and the longer you have practiced it during the travel period, because policy more expensive. There is one good news, if you are insured for extreme sports, then all sports that are recreational activities section, will be insured automatically and it will not be necessary to indicate this additionally. Therefore, if you plan to surf on your trip, play like that beach volleyball with friends and maybe go water skiing, don't worry because all three will be insured activities without charging an additional insurance premium for it.

    Your main task, before buying insurance, is to inform your insurer about the planned activities a specialist so that you can find the most appropriate cover, or if you take out the policy yourself on the Internet, then be sure to specify all this information in appropriate places before paying for the policy. If you form the insurance yourself, then carefully familiarize yourself with the rules and exceptions section, whether the planned sports activity will be insured in your policy.

    And don't worry if you didn't include a sport when buying the policy, because you can certainly catch up before your trip inform your insurer about it and the specialist will create the necessary addendum to your policy in order to be insured all risks that must be insured during your trip. Of course, you will be responsible for such additions you have to pay, but at least you will be sure that everything is in order with the documents.

    By purchasing the most complete insurance cover, together with sports, you will be able to enjoy your trip to the fullest, without worrying about what could happen. Have a relaxing holiday!

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