5 Reasons to buy travel insurance

October 2021

How much do you look forward to your perfect trip, your long-awaited vacation? Take off your wool sweaters and put on a summer dress or new shorts, put on your sun hat and go to the beach. Put a board on your feet, put on an overall and throw down a snowy slope in full swing? Mmm .. The taste of the holidays! Imagine that you have saved money for your vacation, waiting for it at least 3 months and then something spoils it? I would be angry and upset at the same time. Unfortunate things happen, and if you can avoid them, why not do it?

woman standing in an airport waiting for her flight

1. Don't lose your money by canceling or interrupting your trip

Before starting your trip, you must have already planned the desired route, booked the most beautiful hotels, made payments for organized events, bought a ticket to a concert, a museum and most importantly airline tickets.

Sometimes even the best-planned trips can be canceled. In that case, what to do with the paid deposit money? If you know in advance about canceling the trip, some operators at the accommodation platform and the airline will return part of the money, at best all your money, but not always. Purchasing a travel insurance policy in time will protect you from the mentioned expenses in case one of the places does not return the money or only a partial amount is returned.

When buying travel insurance, pay attention to whether your policy has the following risks:

accident on a mountain bike

2. Bad things happens and not just for strangers

This is a very important reason to buy travel insurance. You have heard friends, acquaintances, colleagues telling about their adventures during the trip. To get an injury like, dislocations and bone fractures is not a rare thing, you just have to slip by the pool, hit your head against the tiles and you have a concussion.

Currently, the risk of developing Covid19 is very topical, and most companies also offer insurance. Namely, to cover the costs of staying abroad, because the airline will not take you back sick.

What risks should you look for in a policy to cover Covid-related expenses?:

airport terminal showing a canceled trip

3. About 80% of flights take place as scheduled

You arrived at the airport on time, checked in your luggage, checked in yourself and had your morning coffee. Have a fantastic holiday and in the depths of the heart even a little will curd with dill on a neat slice of rye bread. There are only 2 flights left until you are home. But then you hear that your flight number is called through the speakers and it is said that the flight will be delayed. A classic situation when the flight will be delayed 30 minutes, but in the end they are even 5-24 hours late. What to do? How to act? Where to go?

If you have purchased a travel insurance policy, look in for the followinf sections:

Insurance policies will compensate for the purchase of a new ticket if it has not already been provided by the airline. If you have to spend a longer time at the airport (over 2h), then insurance The policy will cover the purchase of food and the purchase of basic necessities. If the hours are even longer, the policy will also cover the hotel expenses. If the first flight is delayed due to the delay of the next flight, these expenses for the purchase of the next ticket will also be covered by the policy. The main thing is to make sure who is insured in your policy.

damaged luggage after a flight

4. Lost or damaged luggage can ruin your trip

How many stories have you heard that you will be the last to leave the luggage on the conveyor belt and look forward to your suitcase, but how come it doesn't come. Lots of filled application forms and promises that you will receive your luggage the next day. But what to do in the meantime? Are you in warm country with a winter jacket or, worse, in sandals in northern Finland? More worse scenario if you have gone on a trip to do a specific sport and your equipment does not come?

The insurance policy have to have the following risks:

The insurance policy will specify a specific limit up to which you can purchase goods to replace the items in the suitcase. Buy summer shorts or winter shoes. Buy whatever you need to last until your luggage is returned. If your sporting equipment is lost, some insurers offer to cover the cost of renting the equipment to at least some days while waiting for the suitcase and you will not be left without your planned sports activities.

travel map mobile phone photo camera and a watch

5. Peace of Mind or Murphy's Law

You already know that when you least expect it or are least prepared for it, that's when bad things usually happen.

To be able to enjoy your trip 100%, relax carelessly and not think about all the possible scenarios "What will we do if this happens?", purchase a travel insurance policy. There will be a sense of security, if necessary, financial and professional support in each situation. Even if you are an experienced traveler, an extra one smart head with the experience of an accident You may find it useful to counsel you.

24/7 Help abroad. Insurance company employees are professionals and every day they get anxious calls about what to do in the event of an accident, lost suitcase, damaged rental car or stolen passports. They will help you 24/7, no matter where in the world you are. You will be advised in almost any situation and be assured you get your expenses covered.

A few tens of euros for a travel insurance policy in our experience is when you have to deal with these kinds of.

Which insurer's travel policy to buy? Every week we compare the policies offered by all the largest insurers in Latvia and publish them in the section - Compare Travel Insurance .